Orange Beach Sunset Sailing Aboard The Libra


Welcome to Orange Beach Sunset Sailing.  Since 2007, Captain Ryan Rayfield has dreamed of owning and operating the largest private chartered yacht on the Gulf Coast.  We are not talking about any ordinary sailing charter, we are talking about a charter that encompasses meals, conversations, beverages served, and memories created as you cruise our magnificent beaches, pristine shorelines, birds, marine life, and so many other things that might be overlooked elsewhere.

In 2016 Ryan’s dream became a reality as he completed a two year custom restoration project of the 1969 “Classic Bill Tripp” designed Yacht named Libra.  With a  length of 63 feet total and a height of over 70 feet and topping the scales at just over 80,000 pounds she is safe, steadfast, elegant, and modern. She offers one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides, no matter our sea’s condition.20160609_065552 (Medium)

The Largest Private Sailing Yacht on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Orange Beach Sailing Yacht Libra

Sailing in Orange Beach

Libra was built with the intention of circumnavigating the earth and visiting exotic locations. During the 1970’s and 1980’s she completed 2 around the world voyages.  There are many miles under her keel that qualify her as a true Blue Water Cruiser.  For now, Libra will live out the rest of her life here in Orange Beach, Alabama and the Caribbean. She will be sailing the ba20160214_150750ys and inland water ways for sunset cruises and dinner cruises. She will be saving her offshore adventure skills for all day excursions and working in the U.S. Virgin Islands during the Alabama Gulf Coast Winter Months.

We would be honored to have you along any of our sailing adventures. Please continue to browse through our site to select your great escape during your stay in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Perdido Key, and Pensacola.20160610_140000 (Medium)


Come with us for the ride of a lifetime on a Classic Yacht built for circumnavigating the globe!